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When to call for rescue

Sometimes the decision to call for help is not so clear. Read this full post here about what ‘calling for rescue’ entails.

How To Build Anchors

Join this 3 part series about how to build single and multi-point anchors.

A close call on the 4 pass loop

A midnight rescue in July 2017 saved Wookie Kim’s life. His blog post here details that experience.

Gaia GPS Overview

Learn how to use Gaia GPS to safely plan your next hut trip or really any backcountry ski adventure!

Navigation Video Series

Tune in to this 4 part video series about navigation.

Livestream Event: Why Avalanche Education Matters

“You need to take an avalanche course.” Have you heard that and wondered what exactly that means or where to start?

Livestream event: Snow Science

We often hear that people want to learn more about snow science. Well, here is your opportunity.

Know Before You go

Know Before You Go is a free avalanche awareness program developed by the Utah Avalanche Center

If you don’t know knots, tie lots

Need to brush up on your knot skills? Check out these animated references of different knots for different occasions.

Avalanche Rescue Card

Check out this handy card we distribute to participants of our annual Winter Workshop.

National Search and Rescue Statistics

All teams that are members of the National Mountain Rescue Association, which includes Mountain Rescue Aspen, contribute mission statistics to a national database. View them here.

What to Pack

Join Mountain Rescue Aspen member Liz White as she outlines the basic essentials to carry on any outing.

Med Kit 101

Join Mountain Rescue Aspen member Liz Bergdahl as she outlines the various items that make up our standard med kit.

What Is It Like To Be Rescued

Stories from locals who have been rescued. What might you do in a rescue? How are you prepared?

How To Plan A Backcountry Tour

Join five ski touring partners as they discuss planning a backcountry tour.

Links to resources

A list of resources. Apen Weather forecast, Colorado Avalanche Information Center, Pitkin County Sheriff.