Summer Safety Tips

Summer Safety Tips – Climbers

  • Elk Range is comprised of loose rocks
  • Warming temperatures, wildlife an climbers are factors in contributing to rock fall
  • Caution should be used with handholds and footing
  • Rocks are slippery when wet or snowy
  • Plan your primary route ahead of time
  • Prepare an alternate backup route
  • Cairns can be misleading
  • Be prepared for quick weather changes
  • Expect possible high winds
  • Altitude, dehydration and exhaustion impair judgment
  • Do not get separated from your group

Summer Safety tips – Communicating position

Most smart phone have the ability to capture coordinates
  • Example using an IPhone.
    1. Go to to privacy setting
    2. Turn Location Services to “on”
    3. Go to compass
    4. On the bottom read out the coordinates:  degrees , minutes ‘ and seconds “