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Summer 2021 – Hybrid Workshop

With all of the uncertainty of the past year, we decided to forego the planning necessary to host a traditional summer workshop, and instead will be available for informal hands-on skills training at our rescue center.

We will host these public trainings the first Tuesday of the month throughout the summer*. Dates are June 8, July 6, and August 3.

We won’t have any formal agendas for these trainings, but will be there to open up our training facility and experience to address any questions you might have.

These informal gatherings are opportunities to build on skills that will be outlined and demonstrated in a series of videos and articles hosted on the education page of our website.

In general, the material under the Summer and Safety Tips categories are based off the Ten Essentials: a well adopted packing list for any trip into the mountains. These items all fall into one of 4 themes: self-care, medical, planning, and survival.

Some of that material is there now, and more will be rolled out throughout the summer.

Here is a handy card we have distributed to Summer Workshop participants in the past that outlines the 10 Essentials, and provides prompts to apply them to your day.

*We do anticipate a busy summer rescue season, and so if the parking lot is full of cars, and/or there are Sheriff deputy’s cars there, then we likely have a rescue and the training will have to be cancelled.